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Friends, let us tell you for your information that (Astaghfirullah) is an Islamic word and this word is used by the people of Islamic society Astaghfirullah meaning in hindi. It means in Hindi language, "I apologize to God for all the sins I have committed".

It is not at all that people say this only when they make a mistake. Astaghfirullah is a word that people use to seek their forgiveness from Allah and it is like a general word. When a person says this word, then it means that Allah free me from all the sins committed by me knowingly or unknowingly.

Almost every person in the world definitely commits some or the other mistake whether knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes we do not even know that we have made a mistake.

But due to our mistakes, someone is harmed or someone gets hurt, then because of all these mistakes, we remain upset and we digest. So in that situation we use this word to get rid of our sins, many people even read it thinking it as a prayer.

Because it is the promise of Allah Ta ' ala that, when we ask for forgiveness from the bottom of our heart for the sins we have committed and ask for forgiveness for that sin only. So Allah forgives us, no matter how big our sins are.

Friends, it does not mean that you intentionally commit any crime and pronounce the word "Astaghfirullah" to apologize and Allah Ta'ala will forgive you, then you are wrong, Allah will not forgive you by doing this. Because He is our Lord and He knows best about everything.
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